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San Francisco City  -  Atractions in San Francisco

Once the headquarters for everything beatnik, the 1970s weren’t the only years that San Francisco was considered a mayor center for art and culture in America. This beautiful California city is filled with all sorts of art displays, from museums, to galleries, to parts of the city itself. Art fans and collectors will find many wonderful pieces of art in San Francisco.

Start your tours of fine art at San Francisco´s The Artists’ Gallery. This 4000 square-foot gallery is one of the city’s largest and displays artwork by San Francisco Bay’s top artists. And if you’re looking for more local art, you can catch the latest exhibits at the Gregory Lind Gallery. This gallery is the perfect place for emerging artists to be showcased.

San Francisco City  -  Art in San Francisco

For an even larger gallery, head over to Embarcadero Center’s Gallery One San Francisco. With over 8,555 square feet of exhibition space, this exuberant gallery showcases unique artists with amazing creativity. Plus, it blends sculptures, paintings, photography and music, with live performances and the occasional art workshop. Another great gallery to visit for such a blend of art flavors is Galleria Carla, with its lovely exhibits of landscape art, still life and abstract pieces. Galleria Carla is also a great place for the bargain hunters!

If you’re in the mood to catch an art display when walking by Union Square, don’t miss out on two nearby galleries that will blow your mind. Both the Dolby Chadwick Art Gallery and George Krevsky Gallery offer visitors totally different tastes of local and international masterpieces. Dolby Chadwick’s eclectic collection is only part of its charm. The Gallery also offers expert framing services as well as art consultants. George Krevsky focuses on social realism and modernist artists.

San Francisco City  -  Artin San Francisco

And just a few blocks away from these impressive art galleries is San Francisco’s largest exhibition space, the John Pence Gallery. This gallery is an art fans first and longest stop if you’re looking for the latest pieces from some of the world’s best known artists. It is also a great place to learn about the history of art and evolving trends.

San Francisco City  -  Art in San Francisco

For people looking for a peak at artwork from all over the world, the best galleries include Xanadu Gallery and George Belcher Gallery. The latter specializes in wonderful Southeast Asian art as well as fine Latin American masterpiece, including original paintings by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Xanadu Gallery, on the other hand offers artwork of all shapes including jewelry, from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. It serves as an exhibition room and as a souvenir shop.

San Francisco City  -  Art in San Francisco

There are also many art galleries in the South Market area, including the truly unique Cell Space. This amazing 10,000 square foot gallery has everything from artwork in metal, paintings, and puppetry! Another social-oriented gallery is Fifty Crows Gallery, which focuses on documentary photography with a strong call to action. Other galleries in the area include the Luggage Store and the Hosfelt Gallery.

With so many different art galleries, you’ll have plenty to see during your San Francisco visit!