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Golden Gate Bridge

Nothing symbolizes San Francisco more than the Golden Gate Bridge. It is one of the most iconic engineering masterpieces of the 20th Century and one of the most photographed suspension bridges in the world.

The Golden Gate Bridge goes over Golden Gate which connects the Pacific Ocean to the San Francisco Bay. Construction of the bridge began in 1930 and was conducted by a young ambitious engineer, Joseph Strauss andarchitect, Irving Morrow. While the project at first faced a lot of opposition and many did not believe that it was technically possible to build a bridge across the Golden Gate, it was completed and inaugurated in 1937 and at the time it was the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world at 8,981feet long and its towers which stood at 820 feet high.

San Francisco City  -  Atractions in San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

Today, the Golden Gate Bridge doesn't even appear in the top 50 longest bridges worldwide, with the longest being the Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge in China. However, the bridge whichlinks San Francisco to Marin Countyremains one of the most famous American landmarks thanks to its bright orange color and iconic Art Deco design.

It is almost unfathomable to visit San Francisco without taking some time to explore the Golden Gate Bridge. There are many ways to discover it. If you have some time on your hands and you want to fully enjoy the bridge you can take a walk or bike across the bridge on the east sidewalk.During the week, pedestrians and bicyclists share the same sidewalk so it can get very busy.

The views of the water and the city from the bridge are breathtaking so make sure to bring a camera. Also, wear comfortable shoes since the bridge is 1.7 miles long, and avoid mornings because there is the city's trademark fog which might obstruct your view. Another way to discover Golden Gate Bridge is by car but you will have to pay a $6 if you drive back to San Francisco. Another tip is that there is usually a lot of wind on the bridge so bring a hoodie or jacket.

San Francisco City  -  Atractions in San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

When you are done walking across Golden Gate Bridge, then check out the South Vista Point on the San Francisco side of the bridge. Here you will find the famous Roundhouse which used to be a restaurant and now serves as a visitor's center, and a gift shop which sells all types of souvenirs and information about Golden Gate Bridge. There's also a parking lot where you can leave your car. Also, you can't visit Golden Gate Bridge without seeing the statue of Joseph Strauss and the statue of the Lone Sailor which commemorates all of the sea services such as the Marine Corp, the Merchant Marine, the Coast Guards and the Navy.

On the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can fully revel in the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge at the Marin County side or North Vista Point. Here you will experience unparalleled views of the San Francisco skyline, especially at night. If you're here during the day, be sure to make time for a short hike at Henrik Point.

The Golden Gate Bridge is located on the U.S Highway 101 in San Francisco, California.

San Francisco City  -  Atractions in San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

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