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Gyms in San Francisco

San Francisco is an incredible city to visit year-round and with people of all ages. With its unique attractions such as the imposing Golden Gate Bridge or the quaint Fisherman's Wharf, or even its signature cable cars, you won't run out of things to do while in this exciting metropolis. San Francisco is known to be a health-conscious and is the city with the lowest smoking rates in the country. It also often ranks in the top ten of fittest cities in America, so it comes as no surprise that it has a wide array of fitness gyms where both locals and visitors can get into or stay in shape. Here are some San Francisco gyms that you can check out if you're traveling here.

Koi in Golden Gate Park is another fitness club in San Francisco that locals love. It provides a rigorous training program that is both fun and highly addictive. New clients can sign up for a free trial week on the site of the sports club. San Francisco is known for having excellent trainers. To experience some of them, head over to Diakadi on Division Street whose trainers have been called the city's best by the San Francisco Chronicle. You can get a free consultation with a personal trainer if you fill out a form on the website.

Gyms in San Francisco

If you're into boxing, there are a number of outstanding boxing gyms in San Francisco. Polk Street Boxing is one of them. This place offers 29 classes and is a great place to train hard without any frills or nonsense. The first class is free, but you can get a day pass for $10 or a class pass for $20. Another place to check out is the 3rd Street Boxing Gym which is well equipped with all types of bags, weights and cardio equipment. If you want to stretch away in yoga positions, be sure to try out Purusha yoga on Balboa Street.

The city also has a number of fitness centers and gyms that are national chains. They have many prices and gym locations. San Francisco has Gold's Gyms, Bally's Total Fitness gyms which both offer free seven-day memberships and Equinox on Pine Street which has locations in many major cities in the U.S. These two fitness gyms also have low monthly membership fees that vary between $30 and $40. Other national chains such as Equinox have higher monthly membership rates between $130 and $170.

San Francisco City - Gyms in San Francisco

You don't need to head to a health club to experience fitness in San Francisco. Go running in Crissy Field or in Golden Gate Park to work up a sweat and get a great view of the bridge. You can also take advantage of the free Tai Chi classes offered at the Buddhist Church of San Francisco on Thursday and Tuesday evenings or in other places around the city. You can also climb up the Lyon Street steps or hike up to visit the famed Coit Tower.

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