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San Francisco Parking

San Francisco is one of most spectacular cities to visit on the West Coast, with its charming architecture, numerous attractions and free-spirit culture of freedom. There is a ton to do here, and if you're traveling here you may be considering driving or renting a car. This can be a convenient option for you but you should know that San Francisco is known for its heavy traffic. In fact, it ranks second worst traffic in the nation just behind Los Angeles. Besides traffic you should also know that San Francisco is also known for its high level of parking violations. So be careful when parking. Read on for where to park in San Francisco.

If you're in the downtown area in San Francisco, parking will be difficult if not impossible to find on the street, but you'll have better luck with parking garages. Near the Financial District and Chinatown, check out the Chinatown Park and Ride on Clay Street, Tam's Parking on Washington Street, Imperial Parking on Broadway, and the California Center parking garage on California Street. Head over to the Portsmouth Square Garage and the St. Mary's Square Garage on Kearny Street. Daily rates in this neighborhood can be between $30 and $60. If you're willing to walk a little bit, park your car at Liberty Park and Best Park on Powell Street where you will only pay $8 for 12 hours.

San Francisco Parking

If you're planning to visit the quaint Telegraph Hill and North Beach areas and get some delicious Italian fare, you can leave your car at various garages in the area if you can't find any street parking. For example, check out North Beach Parking Garage on Vallejo Street. Also, City Park Public Parking or Ace Parking Management on Francisco Street are both good San Francisco parking options. If you're visiting the nearby Nob Hill or Russian Hill neighborhoods, try leaving your car at City Park on Pine Street or State Garage on Leavenworth Street.

If you want to park your car and visit one of San Francisco's most beloved attractions, Fisherman's Wharf, check out Propark on Beach Street, Imperial Parking, Lot 20, the Bay Street Parking Lot on Bay Street and Powell Street, or the Pier 39 Parking Garage on Stockton Street. Because this is such a popular tourist area, rates can be high between $20 and $50, so drive around until you find the best price if you're on a budget.

San Francisco City -  San Francisco Parking

Another popular place to visit in San Francisco is Union Square with its share of great shopping, dining, and the arts. While street parking can be difficult to find in this area, there are many convenient San Francisco parking garages where you can leave your car. Check out Sutter Stockton Garage on Stockton Street, Jessie Square Garage on Stevenson Street, Propark on Mason Street, Ellis-O'Farrell Garage on O' Farrell Street, Heart Parking garage on 3rd Street, Union Square Garage on Post Street, or American Parking Management on Ellis Street.

If you're looking for where to park in San Francisco airport's vicinity, check out Quikpark SFO, Anza Parking, Skypark Outdoor Parking, CL Parking, Park N Fly, Burlingame Airport Parking, and Park SFO Covered Parking. Daily rates at these garages range from $10 to $15.